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East Sussex Veterans Hub places well-being at the core of our collective efforts. Our meticulously crafted programs and activities serve as a driving force, empowering community members to attain their aspirations and unlock their full potential. Explore the profound positive impact we create, and unite with us to contribute to a transformative journey towards positive change.



Enhancing the well-being of veterans involves a multi-faceted approach, aiming to:

  1. Elevate Quality of Life:

    • Implement measures to enhance veterans' overall quality of life.

    • Cultivate an environment that fosters physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

  2. Promote Self-Help and Problem-Solving:

    • Empower veterans with the skills and resources to independently address challenges.

    • Encourage problem-solving abilities to bolster self-reliance.

  3. Foster Vision and Future Preparation:

    • Assist veterans in envisioning and preparing for a fulfilling future.

    • Provide guidance on long-term goals and aspirations.

  4. Boost Self-Esteem, Ambition, and Community Reintegration:

    • Develop programs that nurture self-esteem and ambition.

    • Facilitate the seamless reintegration of veterans into the community.

  5. Facilitate Recovery to Alleviate Community Impact and Costs:

    • Mitigate the impact on community, social services, and healthcare costs by promoting veteran recovery.

    • Implement strategies to reduce the overall burden on public services.

  6. Diminish Reoffending Potential within the Criminal Justice System:

    • Introduce initiatives to decrease the likelihood of veterans reoffending.

    • Collaborate with the criminal justice system to support veterans in their rehabilitation.

  7. Deliver Non-Clinical Support in East Sussex:

    • Provide comprehensive non-clinical support, including welfare, well-being, and coping mechanisms.

    • Tailor services to meet the unique needs of veterans in East Sussex, particularly those grappling with combat-related PTSD and mental health issues.

  8. Enhance Understanding and Management of PTSD and Mental Health:

    • Equip veterans with the knowledge and skills to understand, address, and manage PTSD and mental health symptoms.

    • Promote self-help strategies to attain a reasonable quality of life.

By implementing these strategies, the aim is to create a supportive framework that not only addresses immediate challenges but also empowers veterans for sustained well-being and successful reintegration into civilian life.

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Through this initiative, our objective is to foster meaningful opportunities for those facing challenges. By providing access to essential resources, individuals can harness their inherent abilities, cultivating the confidence needed to unlock their full potential. Connect with our team today to delve deeper into our efforts and discover how we are making a positive impact.

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Guided by our organisation's unwavering mission, we are dedicated to innovating strategies to address the challenges before us. Advocacy holds a paramount position in our priorities, and our team is tirelessly engaged every day in effecting positive change. Reach out to us to delve deeper into our steadfast commitment to this cause and discover how you can be part of our impactful journey.

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At East Sussex Veterans Hub, we are unwaveringly committed to intensifying our endeavors in tackling this issue. Providing support is a formidable challenge, yet through collaboration and community empowerment, we are confident in our ability to catalyze progress in this realm. Our continuous efforts are geared towards making a meaningful difference, and we invite you to delve deeper into our initiatives and extend your support.

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At East Sussex Veterans' Hub, we are committed to addressing this issue. While providing support poses challenges, we firmly believe that through collaboration and community empowerment, we can drive progress in this area. Our unwavering mission is to make a meaningful difference, and we welcome you to explore more about our initiatives and consider lending your support.



Through this initiative, our aim is to champion significant opportunities for those in need. By providing access to essential resources, individuals can harness their inherent abilities, fostering the confidence to unlock their full potential. Delve deeper into our impactful work by reaching out to our team today and discovering more about the positive changes we are making.


Operating as the designated Single Point of Contact (SPOC) in Hastings town centre for East Sussex, our role encompasses:

  • Providing a consistent 'drop-in' service with access to a community café.

  • Facilitating a bi-weekly well-being and coping group.

  • Organizing and overseeing events for the benefit of service users.

  • Cultivating collaborative relationships with other charities and organizations to address the specific needs of service users and veterans, allowing for effective signposting and referral pathways.

  • Advocating for increased awareness regarding the unique needs and challenges faced by this particular cohort.

  • Securing appropriate funds to ensure the sustainability of our initiatives.

By fulfilling these functions, we strive to create a supportive and responsive hub, addressing the diverse needs of our community and ensuring the long-term success of our programs.


  • Service access extends to veterans, their families, and individuals within the military community.

  • The broader community benefits by experiencing reduced homelessness, and the active involvement of this cohort contributes positively to society.

  • Stakeholders include local and national government, statutory organisations, the NHS, police, and social services.

  • Collaboration and engagement with the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and the Ministry of Justice are integral to our initiatives.


  • Serving as a centralised single point of contact for veteran support across East Sussex, our group location streamlines access to various assistance services.

  • Fostering independence, restoring dignity, and instilling a sense of worth in individuals, leading to holistic benefits for the local community and society at large.

  • Contributing to the removal of barriers to offending, enhancing resistance, and actively participating in the rehabilitation of offenders.

  • Establishing effective help and support mechanisms by closely collaborating with other organizations, particularly targeting the 'hard-to-reach' cohort. This collaborative effort aims to alleviate the impact on local housing, the criminal justice system, and other statutory bodies.


Office opening hours are 09.30 -12.30


5 Harold Place
East Sussex TN34 1JA

Freephone 0330 1077 808 or 01424 446292

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