ESVH 99/100 Group Team

Bernard Stonestreet is Executive Secretary and Founder of EVSH.


He joined the Royal Marines in 1960 as a Junior Marine and promoted from Sergeant to Lieutenant in 1973.  He transferred to the Royal Corps of Transport in 1975, retiring as Major in 1984 having served in the Far East, Middle East, Europe and Northern Ireland.  Following this career, he spent three years with the TA.

His civilian career involved PR, political and industrial representation, journalism, business management and recycling, being a director of a reverse vending company since 2005.

After moving to St Leonards on Sea. He spent 18 months as volunteer chairman of a 10,000 household, community forum for one of the deprived areas in the UK (2002/2004).  During 2009 to 2019 he was a SAFFA divisional secretary, caseworker and prison in reach volunteer for HMP Lewes. 

Being involved in the Royal Marines ‘TRiM for Veterans’ programme in 2013, becoming a TRIM instructor/Supervisor, and witnessing how difficult it was for veterans with mental health issues, to get adequate support on engagement, from many agencies, that he focused his interests on developing a facility in East Sussex, to ‘fill the gap’.  He is also a Mental Health First Aid (England) Instructor and Champion for Armed Forces Network Sussex.

He received the Sussex Armed Forces Network Charity Award in 2016 and in December 2019 the Prime Minister’s ‘Points of Light’ Award for services to veterans.


Iain Boyle, is a trustee and volunteer with ESVH for three years.

He was born in BMH Berlin and travelled around the world with his father whilst he served in the Army, with special forces, until his death in 1982.

Enlisting into the RCT in 1983, Iain spent time as a Tank Transporter Driver in BAOR.  He subsequently transferred into the RAPC in 1990 and was attached to the 1st Staffords during the first Gulf War, where he served with the Regimental Aid Post.   He spent almost 3 years in N. Ireland.  In 1993 the RAPC was amalgamated into the AGC and he wore his third cap badge.  Being made redundant in 1994, as a substantive Corporal, he spent 2 years as a Chief Clerk with a TA RMP unit based in Brighton.

He was diagnosed with PTSD in 2012 following a period of ill health.  After a bad experience with statutory services, he became determined to retrain and move into the care sector, with a focus on veteran services.  He graduated with a BA (Honours), and has contributed to the military community by volunteering and working in various roles with NHS and the third sector, helping clients with complex needs. 


Dr Stuart Griffiths PhD first become involved with the 99/100 Group,  East Sussex Veteran Hub in 2017.  He trained as a SSAFA Mentor, completed the Royal British Legion Lifeworks programme and received his Military Mental Health First Aid certificate. In 2019 Stuart became a support worker for the charity. 

Stuart’s military background dates back to 1988, when he joined The Junior Parachute Company and then 3 Para with a residential tour of Northern Ireland. In 1991, Stuart trained at the Joint School of Photography and become 3 Para’s Battalion Photographer, working in Kenya and Northern Ireland.  In 1993, Stuart decided to leave the Parachute Regiment to further his education outside the military.

Stuart enrolled on a degree course at the University of Brighton where he graduated with an honours degree in Editorial Photography. He then embarked on a career as a freelance photographer working for many titles including The Sunday Mirror, The Sun, The Sunday Express, The Sunday Times Magazine, GQ Magazine and Vice Magazine. In 2015, Stuart began his PhD scholarship from Ulster University researching and examining the trajectory of a British soldiers journey through personal photographs. His thesis was submitted in May 2021 and he was awarded his Doctorate in June. 

He now holds a full time post with ESVH, dealing specifically with veterans alcohol and substance misuse issues.

Pat Stonestreet  - Trustee, Treasurer and Administration Volunteer      
Jason Broughton - Trustee & Peer Group Volunteer
Clem Boland - Peer Group Volunteer  
Steven Gallagher - Peer Group Volunteer
Richard McCreedy - Peer Group Volunteer
Karen  Pension & Benefits Consultant & Support Volunteer