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Steady As We Go!

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

This coming 10 days will see the first gathering of 99/100 Group, adhering to Covid 19 distancing rules, of course, for a brunch, a chat and opportunity to see how each are doing, after this lockdown. It will take place this coming Saturday, at ESRA.

Thanks to ESRA for getting the place 'PPed' and arranging seating to accommodate up to 20 people, safely.

BTW it happens to be Iain's birthday on the same day!

The second gathering is planned for VJ Day, at Markwick Gardens, St Leonards on Sea. This offers outdoor space in a massive garden, normally only open to members of the MG Association, for the Group, friends and families. Catering is being provided by David I. from Eastbourne with his super military Landrover and cookhouse trailer. He insists on cooking a Sunday roast and Mum's apple crumble, albeit on a Saturday!

Afternote 1 August. This is being reconsidered in light of PM's statement and revised regulations. It may have to go on back backburner but it will happen, eventually.

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